Time to complete assignment 3

Well just like Diane, I am finished prac and onto my next challenge of completing assignment three.  I have posted many posts today, typing up all the written reflections I did throughout prac, as well as looking at the posts from other students and finding some similarities to my own experience.  This semester has been incredibly difficult for me, and I am determined that my next prac will be much better.  As I have learnt new skills, and I have a better understanding of how to manage classroom behaviour, and manage time more effectively.  The use of emails is something I will definitely use a lot more of on my next prac, just to ensure that lesson plans are able to be viewed before the lesson plan, regardless of discussions about the plan, they must be seen in writing before being implemented, and I could do with improvement, so emails it will be.

Transforming my teaching abilities

Like Belinda , I now find myself asking if my teaching in the future will be transformed with all the knowledge and skills I have gained from the edc3100 course, and especially through the practical experience component.  I have definitely learnt a wealth of knowledge from both the course and the practical experience, and still have so much to learn with regards to teaching in general and with the integrating ICT into the curriculum.

Emails proved to be a good form of communication

Like Michelle, I was able to use emails to add to communication options with my mentor.  This was useful in enabling me to get more feedback from my mentor before implementing the lesson plans.  My mentor also used emailing as a tool to keep in regular contact with the students parents, informing of them of their students progress, and behaviour.

This website provides more information on the use of emails to improve teacher and parent communication.

Behaviour Management

As other EDC3100 students, including Tarlina,  have experienced on prac, it is not an easy task to manage the behaviour of a class full of students that are not your own.  The novelty of an extra student teacher began to wear off, and I found myself having to repeat behaviour expectations throughout the day.  One strategy that worked quite well were picture cards that I had printed and laminated that pictured the requirements for good sitting ie: legs crossed, arms folded, hands up to speak.  The children enjoyed showing how they could be the best at good sitting, and consequently be chosen to share their thoughts.  It was always my hearts desire to allow everyone a turn to talk, but then no one would learn anything!

So it seems I’m not the only one!

So I have been looking at some other students blog posts in order to ensure that I have enough links with other students posts, and it seems I’m not the only one who has had a rotten semester.  James reflects about his own health struggles in semester 3, which makes me feel a little less sorry for myself!  Kirstyl discussed how reflections were not her favourite thing to do, and Saranna also reflected on reflection!

I tend to agree with Saranna, that whilst reflection is time-consuming, it is essential as it does improve the ability to learn from experiences.

Reflecting on edc3100

Just like many other EDC 3100 students, I am now reflecting on the semester. Kayla also found this semester particularly demanding, and I will be glad when like her, I can say the semester is over.  But for now, need to continue plodding along with assignment 3, as I got an extension due to late finishing for prac, which was due to me having the flu.  So I feel like I have dragged my way through this semester, and really want to improve all round for my next prac. I know the biggest things from my mentor that I need to focus on are differentiation, and behaviour management, oh and lessons plans for everything even worksheets to be used during rotations…..and have less worksheets…..and be careful with art activities not to get sand on the glue sticks or never hear the end of it.  Sigh, I didn’t enjoy prac as much as I had anticipated I would, and I am definitely more   teach kindy (play based learning) than I am to be in a school environment.

Week 4 – Day 15 – 15 June 2015

Last day of prac woohoo!  This semester has been an incredibly tough one for me.  With EDC3100 being incredibly demanding unit, and getting the flu, I have lucked out :(.  Really looking forward to completing assignment 3, and having a rest before the next semester, which has gotta go smoother than this one!

So for my last day of prac, I taught jolly phonics oo, and maths in the middle session where I was able to revisit the bowling lesson teaching subtraction.  This went better the secong time around.

Also used the wii board for students to practice their counting skills as they did the wii step.

So overall, I was able to the use the IWB in several different ways, with Powerpoint, the wii, and interactive games.  I also used a camera to enhance student learning.  I refrained from using the class computers as I was expected to teach whole class lessons, and this would have been impossible with three computers and no internet.

However, I now think I could’ve tried to incorporate the use of the limited computers to extend the high flyers with challenging software…..this could have worked well.

This link has some great information on differentiation.